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Lovers and  Fantasies: These all have surrealistic qualities to them.
Starting from the top "Help" was done just after Lennon was killed. Mary
Anne was inspired to do this collage about him, with those around him and
others. When the image is enlarged you can see Lennon and Ono at the top
left corner. In the beginning Lennon and Ono were married, with the
Beatles across the forest. Showing Jagger laughing, below them. Mary Anne
most enjoys that John is leaning on a woman's breasts and Yoko is above
the man's gentiles. The centre of this painting has Lennon and Ono in the
last pose they did together for the Rolling Stone magazine. I feel it shows
how Lennon is vulnerable, wanting to be back in mommies womb after a
long roller coaster ride of life and how Ono is just there  in full control with
no emotion.  A woman's leg is in the tree trunk on the right, showing that
woman and nature's trees are most attractive. Growing out of the same
tree is W.C. Field's face, smiling as he has a sarcastic drunk view in his
humorous look. Next to this is a tree growing a middle finger out of it, with
the Maharishi's face in the tree trunk's foundation. The eye of God is on
top of his head.  Next to this, is a tree with a middle finger that looks as if it
is growing out of a vagina. The lips growing out of the branch, look like a
vagina too. On the left side, below Ono there are three birch trees. Birch
trees are my favorite. Ringo is alone, a symbol of how we all felt after John
died. Beside him is Chuck Berry, also the symbol of John's roots of R & B
was an influence that inspired his music.
Heart Beat Productions Unlimited
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The bottom of the painting has
three mushrooms, a symbol of the
psychedelic era of the 60's and the
70's, as well as the four Beatles
from the Help album: hence the
name of this painting, "HELP".  
Mary Anne sent a copy to Yoko in
1981 and hopes she enjoys it. In
1986 Mary Anne went to N.Y., and
visited Studio One to see that they
do have this print.
Mary Anne met with Sam as Yoko
was busy. He said they do enjoy
this one and we had an interesting
"Remembering" is a detail from
"Help", this is an oil on the back
of masonite. The texture is visible.
This one was in the first minature
art show in Toronto and was well
-"Message in the Clouds"  was a
vision Mary Anne had when
leaving N.Y. on that visit.  
Lennon's message was to forget
about everyone back there and
keep painting. My friends in N.Y.,
were tripping on me and my now x-
husband was tripping on me back
home. The image you see in the
painting is exactly how I saw him.
It freaked me out at the time. I
only told my mentor.
Now 24 years later I tell people
with no hesitation. As I invite such
visions  now.
Soon after that I had a dream with
this image "Dark to Light", in
black and white. Later, I painted it
in colour.
-"In Flight" was influenced by my
animation years. I love the way
the birds are sitting and the roof is
in flight. Clouds have been an
influence through out my art.

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This is my Tribute to John:
Showing my paintings that I have
done in memory of John. Thank
you John for helping us be
ourselves. For giving us unity in
humanity through your words and
music. We know you are always
with us. In the clouds and white
feathers shown before us. Through
our dreams, meditation, thoughts
and art.
We thank you. We Love you.
Tribute to John
My Open Mind
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