A Child is Born                  Peace on Earth                Beauty in Heart            Warmth at Home
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Joy to the World               At the Cabin                    Northern Dreams                Blue Horizon
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Magical Place                Sunny Solutions         Looking for the Light I  Looking for the Light II
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These angles are done in coloured
pencil. The model is my youngest
daughter, who I attribute this
inspiration, my business, to. The art
cards and website were inspired by
the angel cards.
-The 5 winter scenes are a series of
painting. Done as an exercise to get
me out of the restrictions I put on
myself to create a perfect drawing.
The Native drawings were that
perfection. I did the winter scenes
in the order shown. "Sunny
Solutions" is a finger painting, a
break through. This was suggested
to me by my sister who is an artist.
-Please let me know what you think
the last 2 images are. Send me an
email. I would like to know what
you think. See "Precious Time" on
Silhouettes page.

For a private viewing of  the
originals and other art work please
contact us.
Heart Beat Productions Unlimited
Heart Healing Happening
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Angels & Winter Scenes
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