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Grass Roots
Secrets of Mysteries of Life
Find out the secrets of mysteries of life
from the past, present and future:
Soul Portraits: Mary Anne has been painting all her life and has been a spiritual
healer for all these years.
Now she is combining both her artistic talents and her spiritual gifts in
. Through this experience images unfold in a ray of many beautiful colours.
This is a one hour sitting in Mary Anne's healing room - choose 2 colours of conte pastel.
- may ask a question As Mary Anne draws your past life portrait, a clairvoyant dialogue
with one of your past lives, pertaining to the question, starts to appear.
Your name, the year this takes place and the location you were in, in the past life are
revealed. Loved ones who surround you in this life time, are told who they were, when
they were with you in this particular past life.
There are messages from your past life, to the present and into the future, pertaining to
the question. Find out the secrets of the mysteries of life.
1 hour session, email for a time and date for an appointment
Soul Portrait- Dec. 3, 2008
A brief sample of Andrea:
Maybelle, was her name
in 1676. She lived in
Boston, Mass., working at
the family owned trading
post as a shop keeper.
Her mom and little
brother passed away, so
she took care of...
Artist, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Trance Medium, Therapeutic Pathway to
Painting,Teacher, Counselor, Speaker, Chakra Guidance Advisor, Healing, Sharing and
Abundance Circles, Soul Portraits, Intuitive Reading Parties, Angels, Ancestors, Guides
and much more

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