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2D & 3D Animation 3D Modeling & Visual Effects
Mary Anne has completed into to 3D Maya Level 1 and some 3D Character Animation. As well as has graduated
from the 3D Modeling and Visual Effects course, at Humber College. This was a very intense full time course, 3
years condensed into 8 months; a very steep learning curve.
Since Mary Anne has 5 years background in 2D animation as a character animator with Nelvana, Hanna Barbera
(aka) Northern Animation and more. She is focusing now on her 3D Maya reel.
Focusing on developing her career in animation. Using her artistic skills and learning more through the technical
development of 3D Max, Mud Box, Maya, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Boujou, etc. She is able to draw,
build, create moving realistic objects, effects, 2D & 3D characters for feature films and more.

Artist, Spiritual Healer and Teacher
Artist: Mary Anne has been painting all her life focusing on people and nature. She studied art and has worked
in the arts most of her life. Now Mary Anne is focusing on spirituality and inspired by this in her work, you will
see it in her up coming work .
Versatile styles, of art work and many mediums
Mediums: acrylic, oils,water colour, conte pencil,
coloured pencil etc.
See Biography

Spiritual Healer:
Therapeutic Modalities;
As a spiritual healer Mary Anne does different modalities.

Trance medium, is a 30 minute session where the client sit with Mary Anne and go into prayer session and healing
takes place. ( volunteering this modality for one year now) You will feel released, relaxed and rejuvenated, and

Reiki Master, Reiki is a one hour session of hands on healing, opening chakras and a clairvoyant dialogue of
visions, with messages from many sources such as,  ancestors, guides, higher self, angels, friends and
more...referring to the question.

Soul portraits, a one hour session, of a past life portrait, referring to the question, with clairvoyant dialogue. The
name you had, the year we go back to and the place you lived as well as the people who surround you now play a
part in who they were back then. Past, present, future information is told and where to place the portrait in your
home or business for more energy to help you in this life.

Chakra guidance, is a way of helping you to get on the healing path pertaining to your question. Chakra stones
are tossed and the placement tells us what chakras need to be healed, and how to heal yourself, through God's
messages to you.

Intuitive readings: *card readings, Answers pertaining to the question.*Angel cards, Animal cards,  Karma Cards
and Rider deck.
Clairvoyant information pertaining to the question is told.

Crystal ball: Visions in the crystal ball appear, pertaining to the question. Clairvoyant information pertaining to
the question is told.

Tea leaves: Tea leaf reading, visions appear in the patterns of the leaves. Clairvoyant information pertaining to
the question is told.

Healing and Sharing Circle:
Mary Anne facilitates these circles, as she has been taught by North American Native healers and brings her own
gifts of healing to the circle as guides take us on a journey for one hour. Many times ancestors join in and have
messages for us.

Abundance circle:
Everyone meditates on your question and reveals what they see for you.

Professional baby photographer at Toronto East General Hospital with Just Arrived Photography from 2010 till 2014.

Therapeutic art classes see  therapeutic info

Mary Anne is a prophetess. She can see the future through God's truth, and tell you where we are going into the
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