Three Commonly Experienced Symbols
written by: Mary Anne Atell,  Mar. 24, 2008
Edited Sept. 13, 2009

When using symbols in spiritual healing and spiritual communication is examined. I usually learn from
repetition and from masters, mentors, sharing through books, internet and sharing with others.

I first noticed that I had the gift with symbols through my art. It was explained to me as I went through my
spiritual search drawing native portraits from the turn of the century. My reference photos of North American
Native, were from a famous photographer named, Edward Curtis. He took thousands of pictures. I felt drawn to
Natives since I was a child. Loving the smell of sweet grass and wished I was a native. It made my heart stronger
for the desire to research North American Natives from time to time, to do the hippy thing getting back to the
land. As a teenager I majored in commercial art with 20 art paintings due a month. Still fascinated with North
American Natives as a teenager. I knew my heritage was Polish, Roman Catholics, but I found out my heritage
on my father's side goes back to the Mongols in family history too.

I saw documentaries of the ways of the Mongol nomads. The symbols and traditions are similar to that of the
North American Natives, and that of the Navaho. They have the same woven patterns and so do old tapestries of
Poland where my family is from. The colour of the blue is represented of the blue stone turquoise, a healing
stone. The nomads in Asia and North America, use the blood, milk and urine of the horse for rituals. They both
pray to the mother earth and father sky. They both pray to father sun and mother moon. They use the four
directions as all cultures do, east, south, west and north as symbols for rituals. The elements, water, wood, fire
and metal are used in all cultures as symbols. Colours are used as symbols in all cultures too.

When I started drawing this particular portrait of a North American Native Chief in 1986, I felt like I went into a
trance, for two hours. When I finished the drawing, it turned out differently than the reference picture. The
chief's head dress or regalia were the same, but the chief's face was different. I was asking myself, who is that? I
liked it better than the reference picture.

One year later, a native medium named, Ted Silverhand, told me when I asked, "Why am I attracted to Natives
so much?" He said that I was a great native man named, "Chief Red Cloud". I have brought the guilt of the past
life, of feeling responsible for the Native people's deaths due to trusting the white man. In this life time I will
help the native people. He went on to say that the last portrait
drawing I did was different, than the original that I took it from, for a reason. He
needs me to pray for him because he is in a bad place right now. I am going to meet
that man, he has a French name. I started praying right away. I did this drawing in
1986. In 2002, I met the man. He had a French name, Bo jay. He told us he was a
drug addict, he beat women, was really bad, and he had no respect for his own
culture. Now he has been on the right path for many years. He has become a Native
Shaman. I went to his wedding and know his wife and little girl. I did a painting for
his wedding. He has come along way. This message was sent to me through the
picture, of his portrait, as a symbol. You can find this picture on my website,, under "Natives". The title of the picture is, "Strength".
( He is much older in this picture)

Another way I use pictures as a symbol to convey messages to the client is through a process I have called, "Soul
Portrait". A Soul Portrait is a past life portrait, with clairvoyant dialogue. To enjoy one of your past life
experiences that guide you in this life time. Your identity comes up either as a woman, man, boy or girl. Or as a
monk, a North American Native, even as a printer in 1718 in up state New York. The past life experience can be
one of the first female journalists in London, Ontario in 1888. A journalist, English major in Oxford, England and
hung around with Lewis Carol. An Irish farmer's wife in the 1600's could be a past life. Even an aristocrat in
England, could be a past life. One of the Austin sisters, enjoying a rendezvous at the theatre and the lead actor
was your lover.

The event takes one hour. You find out things like, your first name, sometimes the surname. The year when you
were there, does come up. The place you lived in the world and the name of the city may come through. How the
loved ones who surround you now, surrounded you then. The people they were in your life  back then. What you
did as a practise back then. How you use those gifts today to enhance yourself. Past, present and future
information is all revealed. This plays into where you are going into the future with your gifts.

There are different symbols that come to us for messages with pictures. I use different types of sources to get
the messages. Tarot cards have pictures, angelcards have pictures, tea leaves messages are pictures, messages in
the crystal ball are pictures etc.

Other ways I get messages are through visions of seasons or calendars. The calendars or seasons are ways of
seeing symbols for time. For me this is a symbol for the time in question for the client. If I see a calendar, for
example of a 3 month block, June, July and August.  This is letting me know, for the client, when the answer will
take place. I will see the vision of seasons or calenders. The calenders or seasons are ways of seeing symbols for
time. For me this is a symbol for the time in question for the client. If I see a calendar, for example of a 3 month
block June, July and August. This is letting me know, for the client, when the answer will take place.

Sometimes I ask what is the time slot? When will this occur for the client. I will see a vision of the number 2 or
the number 3. If the time is not clear I will ask to verify. Once I get the right number, I will ask: Is this in
2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years? The answer is clarified at that point. Sometimes I see the beach and the
people are in bathing suits, but it is winter. This is letting me know they are going on vacation. Then I see the
number or hear the words, "here soon".

For instance, I told my sister she will be living in a furnished home on the out skirts of Barrie, Ontario, within
the season. Soon, within 3 weeks. I saw her curled up in a cozy chair with a blanket reading a book in front of a
fire place. There were farms around her with cows. She had no idea, she was not even sure if she was going to
stay in Barrie. She wanted to live in many different places. In 3 weeks she was in her furnished home in Barrie.
With a huge fire place, cozy chair, fully furnished home and farms across the street with cows. Wow! That even
blow me away.

They say not to read family, because you are to close emotionally and your ego gets in the way to help and you
get the reading wrong. Or, you are too close emotionally, so there is not a clear connection as you might be
biased. All you must do, is let the energy flow through you and not interpret or interrupt the energy. Be the
therapist, not the sister, then the message comes through from source. I believe you can help everyone.

Colours, are symbols, that mean something to the client. For instance if I see the colour yellow . This means lots
of good things pertaining to the question and more... The colour means something different to everyone. Yellow
means a complete healing, your solar plexus, gut feeling, family, happiness and sunshine to me. It is attributed
to the zodiac sign, Leo the lion.

Like electric blue, is Aquarius's colour to bring them energy. Purple is the colour of Amethyst, the Aquarius
birth stone that is healing. The colour purple is strength and violet is the colour and the flower attributed to that
sign. There is much, much more information to know about this. I am just introducing it to you.

When I see a colour that pertains to what it means to me, as well as my guide will let me know that they are
confirming or expanding about the colour. For instance red could be love, if it appears as a rose, in the area of
the heart. It could also mean passion, when referring to the question as a writer. Red shows the messages comes
from guides to let me know the information. For instance, red is your favorite colour, is what I am told. Through
feelings attached to the message. I feel good and get goose bumps, this means it is true. My message guides
connect and give me the same message as a symbol to verify the answer. I get used to the pattern without
questioning. Is it true? After doing this for so many years. I have been able to let go and listen to the clear
message more and more.

Animals are a symbol for messages too. When we see an animal, in a vision during meditation, dreaming, or
even when we are awake. These animals appear for a reason. They come to give us messages. In the North
American Native ways, we all have an animal totem. The way we know what animal is ours. Is the one or ones
that appear to us most often, such as the Eagle. The Eagle is my animal. This means, "Spirit", "Trust in your
Higher Self"... Your light will shine if you only let it, and all that you want will come to you without ever needing
to know how...
Listen and go in that direction... Your life will flow quite easily and naturally... Your higher self will give you
positive support... Let the ageless wisdom that is your spiritual birthright that comes through, so you may shine
with light and love upon yourself, others and the world around you.
The other animals that come up with my friends are, badger, turtle, rabbit, fox, deer, wolf, etc. The badger has
perseverance, the turtle is to retreat, the rabbit is fertility, the fox is adaptability, the deer is the pathfinder and
the wolf is the guardian. You are protected at all times by the wolf.
These are called the power animals. At 12 years of age my daughter has the Power Animal Oracle Cards, by
Steven Farmer, Ph.D.

Enjoy finding your symbols in life.
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