3 Kids                          Cat                               Reflexion                     First Steps
No. HB. 99_22             No. HB. 99_32               No. HB. 99_24               No. HB. 99_31
Clarke Gable              Chief Atell                    An Antiguan                   Shopping
No. HB. 99_30             No. HB. 00_05              Working Man               at the Beach
No. HB. 99_45              No. HB. 99_44
Portraits, is an area of painting and
drawing, that Mary Anne enjoys.
See "3 Kids" as a part of the
animation influence as well. The little
girl is her niece.
-"First Steps" is another niece, as
Mary Anne gets into textures with the
side walk and shadows.
-"Cat" and "Clark Gable" were
-"Reflexion" is the actual  wood cut
used for the print  on the frames page.
- "Chief Atell" is my dad who asked
me to make him a chief, and he was
into photography. He loved double
exposures, so this was for him.
- See the backs of the greeting cards
as a vertical or horizontal
image, with information about the
artist and the art.
To read about An Antiguan Working
Man go to
Nature and Still Life
This is a cover for a book sold on
For a private viewing of  the originals
and other art work please email us at:
Heart Beat Productions Unlimited
Heart Healing Happening
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