Are we limited to just one guide?
Explanation for the reason of this conclusion.
by: Mary Anne Atell (written Feb./Mar.2007, revised April, 2009)

We are not limited to just one guide.I believe we have many guides. Sometimes our guides are very busy and are not
with us every time we are in meditation.
For instance, when I do a "Native Healing Circle", in the course of a one and a half hour session. I am very happy to
say that Chief Dan George is one of my guides. (See
Native Portraits )He is the leader of these guides. Chief Dan
George has messages for us sometimes. He comes to us and has many gifts and messages that are right on, for those
that participate in the circle. When he describes messages in detail to the individuals, they totally recognized what he is
telling them. Like he knew them. Chief Dan George is a Native leader that I am learning more about, through his
writings.(when he was on the earthly plain)

I was attracted to his acting roles he portrayed, when I was a kid. Like "Little Big Man" with Dustin Hoffman. Then I
was attracted to him as an artist. I drew a life size conte pencil portrait of him. My reference was a magazine
thumbnail size picture. I was also asked to draw a commission portrait of him for the Chief Dan George Public
School. The school is near the Metro Toronto Zoo. This portrait is hanging in the lobby of the school.

Now, that I look back and remember.  Where ever I showed my art work with Chief Dan George, all through my
career as an artist. So many of his family members introduced themselves to me. Either as a friend, cousin,
grandchild or great grandchild.

I am touched by his strength as a great leader of his people. The boldness he had to let the people know, in his speech
on Canada's one hundredth birthday,1967. He devoted his speech to the land and to his people, and vowed they will
rise up again. I was so impressed. Reading this in the 1990's and again last year, 2007, I read it again. It came back to
me. I was meant to have him as one of my guides. And all the native people I have drawn as an artist, have come to
me and thanked me  for drawing them, spiritually in meditation. They gave me gifts and words of wisdom. Not to
forget them. They come at different times to give me messages.

Many guides leave and don't come back, as they have done what they were meant to do. Some guides appear to me
and introduce themselves as new guides.  I was told my mother, who passed away in 1969, will work with me when
I am ready. She came to me the fall of 2007 after I finished the Trance Medium course, this course connected the
dots of my search at the time. I was calling my Reiki sessions, Reiki and more. The more was, Trance Medium
sessions. She had about 20 people (as I like to call them) with her.  She told me they are here to do their work, to
help people. She appeared in a white hallway. They were all in a group dressed in white gowns. For the first time, as I
have come to know more of the Trance Medium work I do. I have been taught to ask them to introduce themselves
to me. I have heard one guide who was the first one to come forward. Then I was introduced to four people.
The first one was Dr. Joe Campbell. He said his name was Joe.I later looked him up for proof. He was a famous
Theologian on HEROS, in our world. With many books accredited to him. He is known as Dr. Joseph Campbell. The
works I have read are right up my alley. I need to read his work. It's funny that I found out from one of my clients
that he is big. She had a book she was reading about him. She is a biologist and doctors refer to him all the time.

Dr. Robert Bertram is another guide that comes to me. Proof, research shows that he has works with the poor in
Asia. The rice programs with a corporation run by a Rockefeller Group, in the 1990's. The others are a Chinese
medicine woman who worked the Europe and the Far East. A North American native shaman, who came from a long
time ago. I hope to find out more soon. (Since these writings I have been introduced to more people who are helping.)
Other spirits have introduced themselves to me. I am still searching and listening for more information, coming from
them. The point is there is more than one guide. They are the ones doing all the work.I am just the messenger.

When I do Trance Medium work I stay aside, letting them (these people) do all the work. The more I stay out of the
way, the better the healing is. If I get in the way or get emotionally attached, I get in the way. The healing stops
flowing through. These people, guides are healers, these are the mechanics. I am the tool box, for the healing energy
or power to flow through me. The more knowledge I have on the subject, ie. Wellness awareness in areas of health
such as physiotherapy, chiropractics, massage therapy, naturopathic remedies, shiatsu, reiki, chakras, gems, herbs
and much more, the better my tool box is. Therefore the better the healing. The client is the car, or the vessel that
needs to be fixed, or healed.

When doing Reiki, the guides all come to me in different ways, during a session with my client. Usually I see my
clients guides who introduce themselves to me through thought of a vision. They start to tell me about themselves and
the client. They tell the client things about themselves. Sometimes they tell me their name. I see their face, I can
describe what they are wearing, (period clothing, native clothing, etc.)and their station in life was (doctor, shop
keeper, native chief, mother, etc.).

They tell me where they love to hang out with the client. They tell me where they meet up with the client. Sometimes
when I am in meditation with the person, as a medium, I see and speak with the guide who wants to prove who they
are. They will reveal something from the clients life. No one would know this but the client. It is true to the client.
The client always feel totally at home with their guides after this process, during the session. As if they are connected
to them in a personal family way. Sometimes more than one guide comes through. One can be an old English man,
who loves to do research with the one they are guiding. They always enjoy being with them in the library. Another is
a native man who is there to be their protector when times get tough. They hold your hand and walk you through the
episode you need to go through. Then there are guides who are your ancestors, who have passed over and help you
by being supportive and show you the way.

I believe that our guardian angle is our guide, the one who has been there since the beginning of this life time, since
day one. They are the ones who have made the bond. The agreement to see us through this life time. They are the
ones, who are the voice in our head, our gut feeling and our intuition. They are the support within us. That keeps us
straight and narrow. If we listen to our inner voice, our guides, we have no worries. They are always there to help us
do the right thing.

I have had many experiences on a regular basis. When I have seen and heard messages from angels, 12 feet tall and
full of white light with wings. To cherubims so cute and cuddly with curly hair and little wings.I have seen and heard
messages from natives, great chiefs to mother gatherers, children and warriors. I have seen and heard messages from
our pets that have passed over. There are so many reasons why they come and go. Some times it is just because they
are there to serve a purpose to bring in messages and then their time is up. They have served their purpose. They
move on some where else. The journey is for a necessary time only.

I know we could never exist without our guides. They keep us safe within ourselves. We have a bond of trust when
we feel truly aware, without a doubt that our guides exist. The more I trust my guides, the better medium I become.  
Never doubt that they exist. After doing spiritual work for over 23 years now, I have learned to let go and let God.   
Believing in the source my whole life, this journey gets better and better very day and in every way. Through this
path,  I am surrounded by like minded people more and more each day.

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