Sunburst            The New Beginnings     Shopping at the Beach   An Antiguan Working Man
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At the Lake                           Relaxing                      Pink Heron                        Van Gogh
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Jubilee 2000                       Versatility                               Stein                             Full Glass
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Many of these paintings are oils or acrylics. Mary Anne has been interested in
people as subjects to paint. "An Antiguan Working Man" is a book cover for a
history book in the schools of Antigua. The original was donated by the artist to
be put in the archives of Antigua. This book is sold on Amazon.
Even though Mary Anne has never been to Antigua, her reference of the land
was exactly what it is like in Antigua. You may click on the picture and see the
painting in more detail. The man, Sammy, lived to be about 109 years old and had
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Nature & Still Life
95 children. His stories of
growing up in Antigua, are now
the history of the people as it
really was. A very telling
exposure of what really
happened to the people of this
Mary Anne approaches different
styles and subjects with healing
energy, through out all her
work. You can see it in her  
landscapes, still life and abstract
on this page of work.
-"At the Lake" at Rice Lake
-"Relaxing" at Lake Coucaching
-"Versatility" poster contest for
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition,
Mary Anne received a letter of
recognition from a member of
the board, who wanted hers to
-"Jubilee 2000"was a poster
contest in Ottawa, Ontario for
Human Rights. Click on it to
see the details.
-"Full Glass" was Mary Anne's
first oil painting. The apple and
the glass are done with depth.
The teacher wanted to keep it
for an example piece so other
classes can learn from it.
A few of my works were taken
over the years by secret
For a private viewing of  the
originals and other art work
please email us at:
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