Togetherness II               Open Window                  Full Moon                          Mystery
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My Open Mind                   Growing Up                 Open Window II                  Silhouette
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Twilight                           Over Growth               Open window III              Winter Storm
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Mary Anne loves silhouettes. There
are so many influences in these
paintings. The media is air brush and
gouache. With the exception of
" Mystery". This one is water colour.
The influence was during her
animation days. She loved  and still
loves the works of many artists who
were well known in the art world.
Maxfield Parish's posters were on  
her walls in her area at the
animation studio. She loves dawn and
dusk. "Full Moon" is an example of
how silhouettes are beautiful.
Magritte influenced Mary Anne in
the "Open Window"series.
-"Growing Up" was actually a vision
Mary Anne had when she was
pregnant, with one of her daughters.
This huge white image shot up in
front of her on her way to her
graphics job. The image was at least
6" tall.
Mary Anne was just learning about
spiritual healing as a gift to help
others at the time. As she has always
been a medium, but never
acknowledged this as a gift at that
-"My Open Mind" was done to the
song, Across the Universe. Enlarge it
and see, "Yes" in the tear drops or
rain drops.
-"Winter Storm" was from a photo
Mary Anne took at Rice Lake. It is
so intense. This is exactly what the
picture looked like. Nature is
amazing, breathe taking.

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