Mary Anne has been a healer all her life. She has been learning spiritual healing since 1986 with me and
continuously amazes me with how much she can heal people without recognizing it. She is always transforming and
shifting the energy where she is, just by being who she is. It comes naturally for her, effortlessly, as she is getting
better and better at letting source, God flow through her. Mary Anne has many gifts and as a healer she is the best.

Cat Thomas
April 2015

Mary Anne and Cat,
"To my shock and amazement, I met you and to be grateful for my life lived and to seek gratitude. I am
grateful to the message you gave to me. And now almost one week later, I feel my choices are now, my own.
My life has turned around to more positive every day. I feel like I have a new lease on life and that I have
gone through a kind of death that night. Since I had difficulty breathing when I gave my life back to Him.
Upon return to my life, I am finally moving forward. So thank you all for caring so much for a stranger who
had embraced without judgement. It made a world of difference. For I find that others do see me and care
about who I am choosing to be.
What has changed is my attitude and gratitude. I feel like I am in the light now rather than a dark room."

Love and Beauty,
Leah Motiram
June  2009

I have been seeing Mary Anne Atell for 3 years now. It never ceases to amaze me how accurate she is and how
relaxed I feel after our Reiki session. She is a wonderful caring and genuine person, that truly cares
about you and healing.
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