Mary Anne Atell
Biography: Artist & Spiritual Healer
Mary Anne was born in Toronto. She was the fifth child of nine, from her mother and father. Four sisters and four brothers. Her
parents were Polish immigrants, and she was born in the Yonge & Lawrence area. (Her tenth sibling came along after her mother
passed away of cancer when she was 12 years old.) Later Mary Anne grew up in West Hill and Guildwood Village, in
Scarborough, ON. She was always drawing and painting. She said, at the age of 3, she was going to be an artist. At the age of 8,
she told her mother she wanted to be working with the angels from the religious books she was reading and painting angels in
clouds. Mary Anne wanted to have a big family of her own. Her mother thought she wanted to be a nun and told her she couldn't
do both. Mary Anne always asked,"Where are we from ?, What are we doing here ?, and Where are we going? Her mother told
her she was before her time. Patted her on the head and told her to run along. Little did they know of spiritual healers back in the
day of the Roman Catholic church. Mary Anne moved in with her oldest sister in the Beaches, at the age of 15. After a
tumultuous time with her step mother, as Mary Anne looked too much like her mother.
That is when she flourished in art as a painter and the healing arts. Mary Anne was always the child in class best known for her
art, until she was in a four year commercial art course at Danforth Techincal Collegiate Institute.  There was talent every where
to be inspired by. Graduating with a Commercial Art Diploma with honours, she grew in the art field. Her inspirations were
people, always finding them fascinating. She was influenced by Norman Rockwell, Salvador Dali, Margritte, Bottichelli, and many
more. Loving to draw, paint, and do the research by taking the time to paint many styles are home to her. Mary Anne has been
fascinated with the
North American Native people and have done a series of drawings of them.
Attending the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and Ken Dryden came up to her and talked to her about how much he loved her
work. Continuing to sell and show her work at this venue for years to come.
Mary Anne has worked as an graphic artist, technical illustrator, drafts person, animator, illustrator, back drops for T.V., etc.
Some of the companies she has worked with are, TVO (Television Ontario) & Global Television. Freelance jobs included:
backdrop for Tremble Visual Arts at TVO. Graphics on news for Global Network with, In the Sunrise Graphics. Paste Up
pictures with CBC's, Mr. Dress Up with Jack Hall.
Full time jobs with the Better T-Shirt Company, illustrating t-shirts for press ons. Graphics with East End Graphics. Mary Anne
became a technical illustrator with Ian Martin Associates. She was contracted to work with Ontario Hydro and Trans Canada
Pipelines-Polar Gas.
Mary Anne wanted a change and was always inspired by Walt Disney. She saw an article in Maclean's magazine about a studio in
Toronto doing half hour cartoon specials. Well, she went to Leach/Rankin Productions studio and found out how she could get a
job with John Leach, to teach her how to animate and did it. She was to get a most recent portfolio together of life drawings. So
she went to Three Schools: life drawing classes and got a portfolio together. Mary Anne learned on the job to animate, straight on
cells with a rapidograph pen straight on cells for a one hour special, "Let's Play Grown Ups." She also did credits and poster
advertising for the production. Soon working for Nelvana an assistant animator, full animation, full length feature,"Rock &
Rule" AKA Drats, AKA Ring of Power." One hour Special, "Take Me Up to the Ball Game." At Hanna Barbera (Northern
Animation) she was an animator & assistant animator for Saturday morning cartoons,"Gary Coleman Special" & "Shirt Tales."
Mary Anne was offered to be on a hand picked team to travel to many countries and animate on productions. She wanted to but
was 7 months pregnant with her first child, so she stayed in Toronto. Then back to Nelvana in 1983, Mary Anne worked on
"Strawberry Short Cake" & Get Along Gang." NAC (Nelvana Animated Commercials) and Animation House (animated
commercials) had limited work, the production work slowed down so Mary Anne did photo retouching on the side as production
work in animation was on the road. Travelling was something Mary Anne didn't want to do with a small family. She wanted
stability for her children. The job Nelvana had saved for her in Toronto, was given to someone else. So when a Nelvana
representative tracked her down at her new graphics job, she turned them down. She was offered double the going rate but she
turned it down. The principal was that they had already lost face with her. So she got back into graphics. She worked at Karn &
Garber as a graphics artist. While on vacation in New York, Mary Anne was offered a job by David Thrasher to work as an
animator with a production he was running. Mary Anne had children and did not want to move them from Toronto. So she went
back to graphics.
Mary Anne Atell became the president of a non-profit, multicultural art club called, the Cosmopolitan Club. She coordinated, with
the help of volunteers, exhibitions of 50 artists (with 3 pieces each) at the O'Keefe Center for the Performing Arts for a few
years, now known as the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. They had a grand openings of 500 guests with food, drinks,
speakers, musicians and more. City TV news interviews were telecast on the evening news. Mary Anne's promotions of going on
TV talk shows such as channel 11 and radio shows such as CIUT, really made these great events. We also did a similar
production at the CN Tower.
Mary Anne became the president of the Canadian Creative Craft Council. Mary Anne has been the proprietor of Heart Beat
Productions Unlimited. Just creating this  website and developing new paintings.
She was the administrator & coordinator of Wellness Centers. Centennial College Wellness Centre and Mayfair Racquet & Fitness
Clubs Wellness Centre & Spa (responsible for 12 therapists and practitioners).
Mary Anne has illustrated 3 children's books for the Canadian Board of Education. They are in schools across Canada and are
global as well.
Mary Anne has been in many
exhibitions etc.over the years.(click on exhibitions to view more info.)  Mary Anne made business
signs for clients. She also did outdoor murals for Molson's Corona Beer with airbrush  (see exhibitions)
Mary Anne has a special feature on Bravo as an artist. A One Woman Show about her North American Native drawings and
paintings as well as her spirituality, interviewed by Duke Red Bird.
Mary Anne took a business course, Development of Entrepreneurs with Woman's Initiatives-self employment (DEWI),. She
received her Graduate Diploma with honours. The same year she graduated from the Computer Literacy course with her diploma
as she started her own business.
Mary Anne only likes to create positive images and loves to create. Her love of teaching happened when she had children.
When the children were younger she had a children's art club at her home every Saturday, called, "Before and After". The children
did finger painting in the backyard. They made costumes and made up plays. They performed these plays, in their class at school,
the children remember it was so much fun.
Mary Anne enjoys working with many medias, acrylic, oils, coloured pencil, conte pencil, etc. The impressionists style has
inspired her. She has now embraced  abstract, as she has always done realism and surrealism.
Photography has been one of her passions, as she graduated with honours in photography winning Kodak Competitions.
Mary Anne has been inspired by nature and people. Some of her photos for reference were from pow wows and you can see
those in her new works.

Mary Anne has been fascinated with angels in the clouds as she saw this as a child, many yeas ago. She is now painting images in
the clouds. Moving from one style to another. She continues to grow and expand her horizons in the arts.
Mary Anne S. Atell is a gifted Canadian artist, specializing in unique art work. Expressing healing feeling throughout all her work.
She has a versatile style, expanding from realism to surrealism. Mary Anne has been an artist and spiritual healer for many years
now. Mary Anne's art work has been seen and collected internationally.
Specializing in unique art work for all occasions. Custom made original paintings and her own works of paintings are available on
request, to match your decor and interests. Commissions of portraits of loved ones, family, friends, pets, etc.
can be ordered as well.
Mary Anne has graduated with honours from the 3D Modeling & Visual Effects Certificate Course at Humber College. This was a
3 year course condensed into 8 months. Mary Anne was the Baby Photographer at TEGH.

She is now receiving her Maya 2016 Diploma in Animation. Please view her demo reel link on the home page. She is looking to
work with a progressive company in the 3D industry.  
Please email Mary Anne at

Private Collections
British Columbia, Canada
New York
New Zealand
Ontario, Canada
and more
Spiritual Healer
Mary Anne is known as a spiritual healer for over 25 years now. Local people and tourists have seen her as a spiritual healer.
They have had positive results from the healing they receive, and refer her to family and friends. She has been helping people
from all over the world. Testimonials are often emailed and mentioned in person from local people and from abroad. Yes indeed
the information has come true and thank Mary Anne for the information they received. Now they are moving forward in life.
Mary Anne is a very gifted spiritual healer.
Working throughout Toronto, in cafes and spas. Mary Anne has worked down town, around University of Toronto, in the Bloor
West area, Eglington North area and on the Danforth. She has done readings at Grabba Jabba Coffee House, Quigglies Bistro, The
Woman's Lodge, A Sacred Space, in the Beach. The Jazz Festival a few years in a row, many fairs and functions, in Toronto
over the years.
Mary Anne taught Therapeutic Painting Classes at Centennial College Warden Woods Campus in 2000 (The Wellness Centres
Coordinator at the same campus in 2000-2001),
The Woman's Lodge in 2001 and Matty Eckler Community Centre in 2002. She's teaching in her home threw the years.
Mary Anne has been a spiritual consultant with Intuitive Readings for Life Channel's Match Maker in 2003.
She has been on Global TV Life and Health segment in 2004.
See  therapeutic information.
Environmental & Political Involvement
Mary Anne has been involved with the environment since she was young. She joined a group of community activists to help
over see the Ashbridges Bay
Treatment Plant with Toronto Metro Hall, since 1990. She has a strong belief that air, water and soil
have to be kept clean. This is our key to survival. We as a people have to get back to the land to keep this planet mother earth
alive. Slow down and thank the sun that rises every day.
Deputations Mary Anne has been involved with:
-Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant: Many years ago; to clean up odour and use alternative treatment, rather than large amounts
chlorine to disinfect water going into the lake from the plant. This is still an issue and very concerning to the public.
-Board of Education: everyone is entitled to the same education in Canada. The same level at each grade level. No matter if they
are in a low income  or high income neighbourhoods. Public school standards to go up to separate school standards of education.
So that everyone gets a fare start in life at the same educational level. I believe this will help those who have had a cycle of the
low income neighbourhoods, to get a better chance at their dreams in life. To become what they have dreamt of being.
-Historical site: Years ago I spoke at City Hall to keep the Round House from being destroyed. The Round House is now  a tourist
attraction for community events and home of a brewery.
Mary Anne has also been involved with harbour front and the railway lands over the last 20 years.
To keep parks throughout these concrete industrious, condominiums and to keep cultural influences in these areas. To have
diversity in cultural ways, such as, foods, shops, clothes music and a safe family environment to live in.
Mary Anne has been involved in learning about politics and helping out with elections. I believe it is a right for all children to have
food, shelter and clothing globally. Health, wealth and prosperity for all good standing citizens. Peace on earth so that we can all
make our good dreams come true. The environment must be the focus now. To phase out of fossil fuels and plastics. We are
going back to glass and stainless steel. New energy such as solar, wind, bio-feuls and geothermal, are the way of the future.
Fresh air, clean water and clean soil are our natural resources and we must come together as people with no borders, to make this
happen. Each and everyone of us do our own part to make this world a better place for all of us to live in peace and unity for
Member of the Spiritualist Church of Canada, The Knowledge Book, the Alan Watts Group, many other doctrines and an  
environmental activist for clean safe water, air and soil. Praying for peace on earth, for this universe and all universes.
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