Soul Portrait:
Mary Anne has been painting for over 40 years and has been
a spiritual healer for over 35 years.
Now she is combining both her artistic talents and her
spiritual gifts in Soul Portraits. Through this experience
images unfold in a ray of many beautiful colours. This is a
one hour sitting in Mary Anne's healing room.
- choose 2 colours of conte pastel.
- may ask a question
- As Mary Anne draws your past life portrait, a clairvoyant
dialogue with one of your past lives, pertaining to the
question, starts to appear.
- Your name, the year this takes place and the location you
were in, in the past life are revealed. Loved ones who
surround you in this life time, are told who they were, when
they were with you in this particular past life.
There are messages from your past life, to the present and
into the future, pertaining to the question. Find out the
secrets of the mysteries of life.
Price: SPECIAL $260.00(reduced price) Regular price:$500.00
1 hour session  
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Pathway to Painting
Here is an introduction to explore your personal potential.
Directing you through painting enhances your ability to see
much more than meets the eye.
This is for every level. Elevate to new planes with colour.
Drawing and painting with traditional techniques and tools
are part of guiding you to these new levels.
Details: Opening with meditation and learning valuable
philosophies. We will be using acrylics; learning techniques,
light and shadow, mixing of colours, layout and perspective.
3 paintings are approached.
#1- still life, using the above
#2-your own composition, using 1 or 2 pictures of your choice
as reference, or a self portrait.
#3-your own composition, using 2 or 3 pictures of your choice
as reference, a self portrait, or your own still life.
The last class is to finish any painting you were working on
with a pot luck for all...
Reiki Master: Relax, Release, Rejuvenate...
Reiki Sessions are one hour* hands on healing. Opening up
our chakras, energies of light,  from our crown to our base
chakras. This is amazingly healing.
Mary Anne does more, with clairvoyant messages, pertaining
to the question, from guides, angels, ancestors, friends and
more. We go to past, present and future journeys. We relax,
release and rejuvenate. Feeling full of bliss, balanced, healed
and centered. Every session is different and amazing. You
will feel you are back to your center, to  who you really are,
when you have had a session with Mary Anne. Some may
take many times to get to this place, depending on how open
you are. You will always go forward in life when going
through this experience.
Price: $140.00
( Trance Medium included as a special offer)
*Trance Medium:
30 minute session of prayer, to heal you. Hands on healing
and distance healing of both modalities are available.
Mary Anne has included complimentary trance medium
sessions with her Reiki sessions at this time.
This is usually $150.00 up to $450.00 for 1 hour
Mary Anne's Reiki session & Trance medium session is  a
limited time offer
Price: $160.00 /90 min. session including a trance medium
session *(usually $60.00 /30 min. session)
Massage Therapy**
Therapeutic Massage is effective in the treatment of
headaches, tension, migraines, tendinitis, low back pain,
whiplash associated disorders, muscle spasms and stiffness,
shin splints, wounds, burns, scars, carpal tunnel syndrome,
thoracic outlet syndrome, general relaxation and stress
Massage Therapy Etiquette
All first time clients are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to
the treatment to fill your health history form. Please
remember to shower before treatment. All cancellations
must be made 24 hours in advance.
Craniosacral:** relax, rest, restore, repair...
Hands on therapy , may include with massage 1/2 and 1/2.
Helps flow of craniosacral fluid, decreases; aches, pains,
headaches, stress, insomnia, degenerative diseases, fibrosity,
blood pressure... Enhance and uplifts; Craniosacral function,
mobility, immune function, elimination, digestion and
limited time offer
60 minutes: $130.00 (students/seniors  $100.00)
Special 3 x 60 minutes $330.00
Intuitive Readings:
Consulting with tarot cards, angel cards, tea leaves,
gems, herbs, and creative chakra guidance.
***Price: $80.00each/30 minute session
$40.00each/15 minute session
Email question: $2.00 per question
Great Party Idea:
Everyone will be talking...
- invite 6 people/15 or 30 minute session***
-3 hour time slot
- you provide snacks & beverages
Mary Anne has done this for:
-corporate events
-home parties
-3 course meals
traditional celebrations
eg. -showers, birthdays,
Christmas parties, etc.

Phone: $1.67 per minute = $100.00 an hour
Email & *phone: You must send certified chq or money
order to Mary Anne Atell before the work starts. for phone number*

Mary Anne is a prophetess who speaks the truth of
God's word of the future. Foretell events, speaking
innovatively for a cause: humanity. She can see the
future through God's truth and tell you where we are
going into the future.
This is the best of times and the worst of times. We have
exhausted mother earth with the industrial era and wars
are of the past. Now is the time to get back to the land.
Get back to grassroots. Grassroots economically,
environmentally and most importantly in our community.
The 60's was a prelude to now. This is the time for
peace, love and harmony.
POWER TO THE PEOPLE with everyone on this planet
as one, globally to save this planet. This is the end of
corporate rule. We are villages that make a better world.
Small family run farms are coming back and living in self
sufficient homes are the way of the future. Individual
businesses are the way to go into the future. The
entrepreneur is the way of the future. The time is now.
Herbal remedies and back to the ways we all co-existed
as a community.
FREE resources of clean water, clean air and clean soil
are humanitarian rights. So are food, shelter and
clothing. Education is a right as well.
The North American Native way of respecting Mother
Earth, Father Sky, etc. We are seeing this come to pass
in our life time.
Phone: $1.67 per minute = $100.00 an hour
Email & phone: You must send certified chq or money
order to Mary Anne Atell before the work starts.
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Soul Portrait of Mary Anne Atell
Her name was Helena from Hungary, whose clan was
originally from Scotland. They had celtic background.
She was the wife of the gypsy king in 1851. Her life was
very harsh and full of turmoil. The king wore a special
earing in his ear and had the ring that was past on
through generations. One of the people in her life then
and now, was her x husband in this life. She was fare
and kind hearted. She loved purple flowers. And there
was much, much, more...
After doing this portrait, Mary Anne did a reading for a
young woman, a tourist, at a cafe. With whom she had
to tell this story to, but she did not know why? It turned
out that this girl revealed that she  was the great, great
great...grand daughter of a gypsy king with the same
background. She has an earing in the same ear to
respect her history and has the ring that was past on
through generations. Would that make us relatives
from another life time? Are we meeting each other to
prove reincarnation exists? We were shocked, stunned
and have not kept in touch as I think it freaked us out.
Even though I knew we did feel like family when we
met. She reminded me of my niece, the same energy.
This experience made me think that yes, we have all
been here before.
Mary Anne has done many, soul portraits over the years.
Please contact us to get your soul portrait. This will help
you with your future. See where your future will
take you.
Chakra Guidance Seminar:
This seminar is a 2 hour session, in Mary Anne's
healing room. You will learn how to open up your
chakras and make your dreams come true at a faster
pace. First you will learn  about your base chakra to
your crown chakra, and how this all connects you on a
daily basis.
Learn how to use this every day and keep going forward
in life. You will be given tools to use and help you stay
straight and narrow, so that nothing will take you off
your chosen path. Mary Anne was given this
information through meditation, directly from source.
Mary Anne calls it God source. She tried it on herself
then on others as directed from God source. She has
taught this on an individual basis and in seminars.
Her seminars were with the Learning Annex.
Now Mary Anne is teaching these tools in her healing
room, with hand outs so you can remember how to do
this on your own.
Come and join us.
Please call the number below to register:
cel. 416 587-9067
Native Healing & Sharing Circle:
Mary Anne has been facilitating healing circles for
many years now. This is a wonderful experience. Mary
Anne takes us on a journey for one hour, some times
longer. To places where our mind can travel through
time and space, even where we have never gone before.
We are totally embraced with love from guides,
ancestors, angels and more. Sometimes we see our
totem animal with messages, sometimes we see guides
with messages and all of the time we go on a journey
that has dialogue from Mary Anne's visions.
Thursday evenings starting at 7:00 pm
Sharing Circle: The last Thursday of every month. We
all bring a gift to put on the sharing cloth in the centre
of the circle. The gift can be anything that has meaning
to you. An item you would like to purchase or
something you would like to give that you have. It could
be a stone, feather, jewelery box, a gift card etc.
(usually 240.00 worth of information per person has
received, but my price is 120.00)  
Donation of at least $20.00 each
3 or more persons to attend.
Please call by the Tuesday before, if you are interested
in participating in the circle.
Space is limited to 6 to 8 people, at this time.
After the circle we discuss the many experiences
as a group.
We may discuss our animals as we look up the meaning
of animals in the animal card deck. This always brings
up discussion with those who love to share.
Sometimes we stay for a cup of tea, as people are busy
in their lives, we still find time to do so.
We have had circles on the beach in the summer time,
with a pot luck dinner afterward.
Abundance Circle  
An abundance circle is when a person asks a specific
question. We then meditate on it and we all tell what we
have seen. A group of 3 or more people are needed.
Please call by the Tuesday before, if you are interested
in participating in the circle.   
Sunday afternoons at 2:00 pm

We have had the opportunity to have a radio interview
with Mary Anne on June 5, 2008
please hear it by going to...
1. Go to or
2. Click on "Podcast Archive"
3. Scroll down and click on "Psychic Street Smarts"
4. Scroll down till you see Mary Anne Atell's interview.
5. Click the green "play" button

Cat Thomas is a psychic and had been intuitive her
whole life. She has 66 years of experience and more.

Cat Thomas is available for consultation
please email:
Heart Beat Productions Unlimited
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                       MamaCat 's "It's a Message"
When I, Mary Anne and my sister Cat get together to help people, "MamaCat", is what we call ourselves as a team. "It's
a Message", is what we do. You choose the media and we are the mediums who answer your questions, in the media you
have chosen. We answer with drawings (Soul Portraits), card readings, many mediums you can see on the website. We also
have guests and clients from all walks of life; singers, actors, artists, writers, creative people, healers, therapists,
inventors and more.
Our clients are all ages and we are universal. We would like to have contests to invent ideas to help the children of the
world. We are here to help the children of the world for unity in humanity and world peace.
Now is the time, you are our inspiration.
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