Baby Elephant                          Mouse                                 Kasper
in the Clouds                     in the Clouds                      in the Clouds
2008                                       2008                                     2008
     Still a Sleep
Golden Rainbow Eagle             Purple Eagle                     Soldier Eagle                    Sun Set Eagle
   2006                                    2006                                      2006                                    2006
Release                                      Relax                                       Rejuvenate
2006                                           2006                                            2006
Christina                           Feather Dancer           Jingle Dancer
Feather Child                                2002                              2002
Anna                                                          2 Munro
2002                                                              1988
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Mary Anne has new images that
she has been wanting to do for
many years now.
"Reflection on Reflection", is
straight from her imagination. She
has been carrying in her head for
30 years. The furniture is a
shadow on the wall and a shadow
on the floor.
"World Knowledge", is of the
globe, of the earth, sitting on
encyclopedias. She just fit in 22
books and just happened to have 4
panels for the rest of the alphabet.
The last 4 pictures were fun and
inspiring to go from closed books
to books wide open. Each book has
a word Mary Anne put in
alphabetical order from A to Z.
The words just came to her as she
painted them.
Mary Anne has been painting a
series of clouds with images in
them for years now, all in acrylics.
"Still a Sleep", is her favorite of
these. "Kasper in the Clouds", is
her grandson's favorite. She has  
worked on a 3 piece panel, 3' x 4'
each. That is one subject across 12'
wide. The new size of subject
matter is, intimidating, inviting,
exciting and intriguing. She is
anxious to see what direction this  
experiment takes her in. To be put
on the site soon. She is discovering
a new area of styles for her and
her art. Completely open to the
new information coming through.
She loves it when it flows. That's
when you know you are on a roll.
"Home", is an inspiration of a
similar original  painting done on,
8.8.88. She has kept that one. This
painting has many images in it.
From Lennon, Mary Anne's family
and North American Native spirits.
To a road that goes to the horizon.
Then the clouds change into space
ships on the horizon. This is an
area she want to explore more.
Re-Discovery, has been done with
air brush and acrylic with a differ-
ent way of showing the centre
image of Discovery; the soul.
These eagles are done in flore-
scent colours and mother of pearl
shiny colours.
The eagle is Mary Anne's favorite
bird. It is her animal totem in the
North American Native spirit world.
"Golden Rainbow Eagle", is her
favorite, as they all have a special
impact, quite strong and intense.
The first one is more gentle.
"Release, Relax, and Rejuvenate"
are all about chakras, colours and
light. Enlarge each one and see
images in the background.
"Christina Feather Child", is her
youngest daughter."Feather
Dancer and Jingle Dancer" are all
3 done with water base oils. The
texture is like velvet, when
working with it. The energy is
great, with the way the colours are
"Anna", is her eldest daughter,
she is in a maiden's gown of an old
English period. Done in rustic
colours. This is made to look like
it is from another era.
There are more pieces to add.  
Looking forward to post them.
For a private viewing of  the
originals and other art work please
email us at:
Kneeling Angel  
in the Clouds
New Art
World Knowledge 2009
(5 panels)
Reflection on Reflection 2009
(3 panel)
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