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Mary Anne S. Atell is a gifted Canadian Artist, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Trance Medium, teacher. She does massage therapy,
craniosacral, and more. Mary Anne is specializing in unique art cards, originals, and more. Expressing healing feelings through all her
work. She has a versatile style, expanding from realism to surrealism. Always emulating nature with colours and themes in meticulous
detail. In viewing her work you can see more than meets the eye. Mary Anne is constantly coming up with bigger and better ideas. website created by: Mary Anne Atell 2008 All rights reserved by Mary Anne Atell

Mary Anne Atell
is a prophetess
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Reiki Master: Relax, Release, Rejuvenate...
Reiki Sessions are one hour* hands on healing. Opening up our chakras, energies of light,  from our crown to our
base chakras. This is amazingly healing...
Trance Medium
30 minute session of prayer, to heal you. Hands on healing and distance healing of both modalities are available...
Massage Therapy
Therapeutic Massage is effective in the treatment of headaches, tension, migraines, tendonitis, low back pain,
whiplash associated disorders, muscle spasms and...
Craniosacral: relax, rest, restore, repair...
Hands on therapy , may include with massage 1/2 and 1/2. Helps flow of craniosacral fluid, decreases; aches, pains,
headaches, stress, insomnia, degenerative diseases
Intuitive Readings
Consulting with tarot cards, angel cards, tea leaves, gems, herbs, and creative chakra guidance...
Great Party Idea Everyone will be talking...
Chakra Guidance Seminar
This seminar is a 2 hour session, in Mary Anne's healing room. You will learn how to open up your chakras and
make your dreams come true at a faster pace. First you will learn  about your base chakra to your crown chakra,
and how this all connects you on a daily basis
Native Healing & Sharing Circle
Mary Anne has been facilitating healing circles for many years now. This is a wonderful experience. Mary Anne
takes us on a journey for one hour, some times longer. To places where our mind can travel through time and space,
even where we have never gone before. We are totally embraced with love from guides, ancestors, angels and more
Sharing Circle
The last Thursday of every month. We all bring a gift to put on the sharing cloth in the centre of the circle. The gift
can be anything that has meaning to you
Abundance Circle
An abundance circle is when a person asks a specific question. We then meditate on it and we all tell what we have
seen. A group of 3 or more people are needed
"Podcast Archive"...
Soul Portrait of Mary Anne Atell
Her name was Helena from Hungary, whose clan was originally from Scotland. They had celtic background. She was
the wife of the gypsy king in 1851...
Prophetess Mary Anne is a prophetess who speaks the truth of God's word of the future...
What is the purpose of the, healer, patient and the healing force?
The purpose of the healer is to help the patient/client to achieve chi energy or life force energy.
The most positive...
Cat Thomas is a psychic...
Book Cover An Antiguan Working Man sold on Amazon
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Pathway to Painting #1
Be Positive, have no fear because the future is your opportunity, so start
now. Find the way to release the stress, sleep at night, know the answers
to resolve your issues. Start the job you always wanted. Start the
business you always wanted. Find out through Mary Anne.
Find out your purpose. Relax, release and rejuvenate. Reduce your stress
from your mind, body and spirit. Get the answers you can trust in. So you
can sleep at night. Make an appointment NOW!
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Past Events:
Mary Anne has graduated, ready to work.
3D Modeling and Visual Effects Production Program
Maya Character in Animation too
Re-runs @12:00noon Listen in as Mary Anne is
co-host: Liquid Lunch on
with Hugh Reilly
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Pathway to Painting
Here is an introduction to explore your personal potential. Directing you through painting to enhance your ability
to see much more than meets the eye...
Soul Portrait Mary Anne has been painting for over 33 years and has
been a spiritual healer for over 25 years. Now she is combining both her
artistic talents and her spiritual gifts in...
Winter Newsletter 1
Soul Portraits
Spring Newsletter 2
Art Show &
Therapeutic Open
Summer Newsletter 3  
"Intuitive Reading".
Article 1: What is the purpose of the, healer, patient/client and the healing force?
Article 2: Are we limited to just one guide? Explanation for the reason of this conclusion.
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Chief Dan George has been my guide since 1976, through my art, that I am aware of. Since the year 2000, he has
been giving messages to my clients and myself during Native Healings, Sharing Circles and Reiki Sessions.
Lennon has connected with me and he has messages for me, that I am aware of, since 1986.
Fall Newsletter 4
Articles 1, 2 & 3
Mary Anne has been singing her whole life. School & church choirs, open stages, front & back up singing with bands and accepella too.
" Mama Cat" was the accepella duet with her sister Cat in the 80's & 90's.
Healing Circles available as well as
Intuitive Reading Parties.

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Therapeutic Info to find out more
Mary Anne is amazing and always graduating at the top of her class. She is a
3D junior animator who graduated with honours from Centennial College
3D Digital Animation program. She has also graduated with honours at
Humber College when receiving final marks in 3D Modeling and Visual Effects
Production Certificate Program. She is available to work as a 3D Animator
now. This includes: 3D Maya animation, VFX and composting in Nuke, Digital
Painting, 3D Lighting & Rendering, 3D Sculpting and Inorganic Modeling and
much, much more. Always learning on the job, as that is how she became a 2D
animator (with 5 years experience) in the first place.
Cover letter  &  Resume please click

You can view my demo reel at:
Mary Anne can work one on one directly with the client. Take your idea in
the rough with an estimate and make a finished professional product that is
a gem, that  will satisfy the customer to their hearts content.
When I, Mary Anne and my sister Cat get together to help people, "MamaCat", is what we call ourselves as a
team. "It's a Message", is what we do. You choose the media and we...
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Mary Anne is a 3D
character animator,
available and able
to learn on the job,  
as a  3D character
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