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When Mary Anne Atell started to draw these portraits of North American
Natives, she was in high school, 1976. Her first one was "Old Woman".
She  remembers bringing the portrait in to the head of the art department,
to get her portfolio together for job interviews in commercial art.
The teacher was into abstract and always told her that she can always take
a picture of people, instead of painting them. He gave her the impression
she was not doing art.
But when he asked her who did that,"Old Woman". She told him it was a
friend of hers who drew it.  His response was, that it was great.  She
confessed it was hers and he was not impressed. It goes to show her, you
can not please any one but yourself, especially when it comes to your art.
She has done a few more than these but  did not record them all.
Chief Dan George has been an influence to her. He comes to her as one of
her main guides in meditations, alone and in group meditations.
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When doing the "Native Man", it
was like a puzzle with the braids.
"Strength" started from a photo,
but she soon went into a trance
and another persons face appeared
in the picture. A shaman named
Ted Silverhand, told Mary Anne to
pray for him in 1987. She drew a
portrait of Silverhand, that is now
in New York. She has been
praying for the man in the picture,
not knowing who he was for years
until she met him in 2000. The
picture was done in 1986. Amazing
the way things happen in life.
When she started drawing these
portraits it took her 30 hours
each. By the time she did
'Woman's Struggle" it took 2.5
The eagles are from her own photo
reference studies, she took of
The originals are all  
approximately 18" x 24". All of
the originals are sold, except
"Strength" and
"Eagle Landing". The current
price is $3,000.00 each/ framed.

Prints and art cards are available.

For a private viewing of  the
originals and other art work
please email us at:
Native Portraits
Click on the top left picture of Chief  Dan George to read  Article 2; Guides. He is the first one of my guides that
spoke through me when I do Native Circles. Giving messages and gifts from the spirit world.
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