What is the purpose of the, healer, patient/client and the healing force?
by: Mary Anne Atell (written Feb./Mar.2008, revised April 23, 2009)

The purpose of the
healer is to help the patient/client to achieve chi energy or life force energy. The most positive energy for
whom has come to be healed. This is to relieve them from their ailment. The healer is to assist in helping the patient to relax,
release and rejuvenate. THE HEALING REDUCES STRESS FROM THE MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT. So that the energy can
flow in a positive healthy way. Therefore the patient can experience relaxation.

The healing energy comes through the palms of the hands, and transfers through touch, or the laying of the hands. Laying of the
hands of the healer gives life force energy to flow through the patient. So, if they have low energy, from being sick or
depressed. This flow becomes high energy, full of positive energy, to become happy and healthy. God energy or higher power,
that is spiritually grounded life force energy flows through the healer as a vessel or vehicle in which this energy flows through to
the patient.

The healer is a conductor that connects with this energy and helps the patient relax, release stress and rejuvenate their whole
demeanor. This wonderful glowing radiance flows though the patient and around them. So the whole mind, body and soul are
treated. The results are a relaxing feeling of peace, security and well being. Many people have reported miraculous results. The
healing gives attunement to the whole mind, body and soul that has the results of peace and harmony as well.
Medical diagnosis can only be done by a doctor with thew proper credentials, such as medical doctor, M.D.

Healers, therapists, including chiropractors (unless D.C. Doctor of Chiropractics),physiotherapists, massage therapists, etc., can
not diagnose. To mention this is to stress the importance of the way the laws of the world are, as you may be sued if you
diagnose without the proper credentials.

Spiritual healing is not a replacement for the care of a doctor, but can be used to enhance the treatment or/and to work with the
doctors. Spiritual healing is used in the medical profession more and more these days. It  is recognized as away of helping the
patient and is accepted in many hospitals in many countries around the world. In Toronto one of the hospitals using these
alternative treatment is Sunnybrook Wellness Centre for Cancer patient.

The function of the patient is to be relaxed and breathe comfortably, when present. We always must ask permission to touch the
patient. If they are new at this it may take some time, as their body and mind are not sensitive to this process. Experienced
patients feel relief immediately. The patient has come to the healer to help them. The first thing I do to relax the patient is a
Trance Medium session for thirty minutes. (A Trance Medium session is to pray for the patient as we both go into a deep
meditation. The Trance Medium is the tool box or vehicle for energy from higher power to come through to heal the patient of
physical relief.) This process is to release the patient of a hectic day as well. The deep meditation take both the healer and patient
into a deep meditation. As a healer I stay as far away mentally, as I possibly can from personally helping. I become the vehicle to
let the client get the most benefit of the energy flow through me to them. There is an endless source of energy, for
approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Then we slowly come back. Both healer and patient feel rested.

Then another healing session takes place: Reiki. This takes one hour, when the patient is relaxed in the prone position. The
energy in the healer`s hands flow through the patient from head to toe as they touch all of the chakras in the center of the body,
from the top of the head to the base of the spine. There is a lot of releasing of stress, worry, mixed up thoughts and not
knowing what direction to go in. The session usually clarifies this energy and straightens everything out.

If the patient has to come back for more, sooner than later, they usually are new at this process. The clients that have come
back regularly have become more balanced in life. They have put energy force first (Creator,God), themselves second, family
third, business forth and all flows better. This is how I have been taught and have been told by guides and teachers.

Distance healing is very successful. When helping those who can not see the healer. The healer must have permission to do this
first from the patient, family or friend. Then the process to heal can happen, the healer just needs their name. When the healer
goes into a trance they pick up three things about the patient, that needs attention. The energy flows into the patient through the
healer from source. The meditation lasts about five or ten minutes and the healer has a message for the patient. There can be
results as soon as the session is done, or can take up to a few days later.

I have had so much success with patients receiving the healing. The healing force (Creator,God) has helped them. They have
moved forward in life when they were stuck before the healing. Many people need this on a regular basis, to keep them on the
straight and narrow of life. I have many lessons to learn from these experiences. The fear we carry is so useless when we use it
negatively. It is there to help us go forward. To walk through the fear and see it was always in our minds. The fear was an
illusion, just a test. To get us to move forward is the test. To choose to move forward or to stay stuck in fear, resort to lying,
cheating, stealing, jealousy, drugs, alcohol and more.

We are learning to love ourselves unconditionally when we accept the fear and to move forward. Then we love others so much
more. The test is in trying and if it does not work, then at least we tried. When there is a situation that holds us back, we can try
what ever works within the positive healing force within us. We are never alone. The healing force is a never ending flow of
energy that comes from source.

Many people have had a miraculous healing force help them survive. My experience was a distance healing for a person in the
Far East on a business trip, in the fall of 2007. He got a deadly disease and was told he was going to die. Many healers around
the world prayed for him. Just the power of prayer can do so much. I did Trance Medium healing for him, with a prayer cloth
that comes with instructions from the healing. I was told he will have a full recovery. When he came out of his coma that night,
the doctors were in shock. He came home to Canada and I have done many distance Trance Medium sessions for him. His
progress has been slow and steady. He is recovering at home with his loved ones.  

Another miraculous story of a healing force helping my co-worker's husband to survive, was when they were in the Caribbean
at Christmas, 2007. Her husband got caught in the waves and slammed his face into the sand. He was unconscious, under the
water, but a passer by pulled him out of the water. He was air lifted to Canada with signs of spinal damage; he was paralyzed.
They did not have travellers insurance. The doctors thought he might have severed his spine. They could not know until the
swelling went down.

I did a distance Trance Medium session and was told full recovery as well. The instructions came with the prayer cloth , not to
worry about the money too!The money came in through a benefit for him to endure the costs and he is now walking and slowly
getting around.In and out of hospital, rehab and coming home for weekends. He has had many people pray for him as well. I
always give the patient a prayer cloth with the healing powers in them. The patient is to put it under their pillow and on the
effected area if they can. He lost his cloth and asked if he can have another one.I was impressed he believed it worked. His wife
said he does feel better with the cloth. I did many distance healings for him too.

My sister has cancer and her blood counts go up and down. I have been doing distance Trance Medium sessions for her and she
feels the difference. She has had many sessions and always wears the cloth were ever she goes. She looks a lot better to me and
I believe she will have a full recovery as well.

Now, some patients that I have done this distance Trance Medium session for have the message; we will do what we can.
Some, I have been told the message is; we will do what we can and they will not make it. I believe this is their chosen path. But
I believe that all things can change. Like when we have a change of heart, our future can always change. In the winter of 2008 ,
the patient I did a distance Trance Medium session for is responding well to the chemotherapy.

All of these sessions are complimentary, as I have been observing this modality. I include complimentary Trance medium
sessions with Reiki until the end of this year, 2009. (Since this paper was written I have done over a few hundred
complimentary Trance Medium and Distance Trance Medium sessions.)

The healing force is amazing. I am reading on quantum physics, and learning more every day. I am astonished by the healing
power and the many ways it has affected my life. Many years ago, I went to a lecture to see a well known healer from Peru. He
spoke of the healing power of the waters at the top of the mountains of the world. I have read this is all about the ultra violet
rays, that have a lot to do with revitalizing molecules in our systems when we drink.

He was a healer from Machi Pichu. He came around to every one at the end of the meditation session and sprinkled us with
healing water. He said all of us were clear and able to do anything we put our minds to. To have what we would like. I wanted
to relax for my big art sale the next 3 days. I sold out. It was my best art sale up until that point. I learned that these healing
forces are true and we can make our world a better place with this knowledge. To help one another and heal this planet  one day
at a time.

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